Unmanned Aerial Systems

Martin & Whitacre uses drone technology to collect, process and deliver high resolution imagery, point clouds and surface models to our clients.  We use a custom built drone system and a proprietary processing workflow to ensure accurate results.  The topographic data derived from our low altitude drone imagery typically has a vertical accuracy of +-0.05’ on hard surfaces.

Drone Uses in Surveying / Engineering

  • Site topography extracted from Ortho imagery
  • High Resolution Ortho site imagery
  • High Resolution Oblique site imagery and video
  • Quantity Surveys
  • Remote inspections
  • Deliverables can include DTM, DSM, C3D surface Models, Orthographic Imagery, etc.

Our equipment

  • DJI Phantom 4 – Used for quick site ortho imagery, oblique imagery, video and reconnaissance
  • Whirrx Custom Hexcopter – Used for high resolution ortho imagery and site topography

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