Civil Engineering

We provide professional design services for commercial, municipal/public, industrial and residential projects. Our expertise, experience and diligence leads to quality projects being completed on time and within the proposed budget. Our expertise and flexibility allows us to perform many roles as a design team partner.

Services Offered:

  • Site Development
  • Municipal Consulting
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial Subdivisions
  • Stormwater Management
  • Water and wastewater treatment and supply facility design
  • Recreational Trails and Facilities
  • Flood Studies, FEMA Mapping
  • Low Impact Development and LEED® Compliant Site Design
  • Rain Gardens & Bioretention Features
  • Industrial Rail Facilities
  • Pollution Prevention Plans and NDPES Permitting
  • Construction Inspection & Field Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering, including Traffic Studies & Signalization Design
  • Landscaping Plans