Civil Engineering

We provide professional design services for commercial, municipal/public, industrial and residential projects. Our expertise, experience and diligence leads to quality projects being completed on time and within the proposed budget. Our knowledge and flexibility allows us to perform many roles as a design team partner.

Land Surveying

Our licensed professionals utilize the latest in field & office technology to solve all surveying problems, large and small. Equipped with global positioning equipment, digital levels, and robotic total stations, our field crews upload & download digital data for processing to AutoCAD or MicroStation platform drawings. Solving complex surveying and measurement problems through today’s technology is our business.

Laser Scanning

We offer 3D Laser Scanning to solve complex surveying and engineering problems. With this technology we can capture millions of data points at hard to reach or dangerous locations with 6mm or better accuracy and no safety hazards. The resulting high density point cloud and digital photo images provide a higher confidence in the accuracy and completeness of the survey. This data can be converted to 2D or 3D drawings for mapping and design work. By starting with higher quality field data, clients can expect a better design and reduced construction risk.


Martin & Whitacre utilizes the Teledyne Odom MB1 multibeam echo sounder to collect full coverage bathymetric data for dredge operations and channel design. Data can be collected, processed and uploaded to dredge equipment for real time quality control operations.