Palms Theatre, R.L. Fridley Theatres, Inc.

Project Information

  • R.L. Fridley Theatres
  • 18 Acre 7 Lot mixed use subdivision
  • 36,000 S.F. movie theatre
  • 3 Acre parking lot with future access lanes
  • Construction of Palms Drive to a “Collector” level street
  • Reconstruction of Mulberry Avenue to allow for increased traffic
  • Extension of water and sewer utilities
  • Stormwater management
  • Civil Construction budget $1.9 Million

Services Provided

  • Civil & Site Lead Design
  • Preliminary Site Planning
  • Cost estimation & bid letting
  • Construction Plans addressing public and private improvements
  • Coordination with public and private utility entities
  • Topographic, property and construction surveying
  • Civil project management, field engineering and coordination
  • Coordination of project with local government

Project Media